Hidden Emotions

A Tribute to the Unexpressed Emotions of the Male Soul
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M. Ian Blanchard
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The issue of men and how we express ourselves on what is really going on within us, is a conversation that is not widespread enough. We have not been taught how to express ourselves. By contrast, everything we observe and experience teach us to keep a lid on our feelings, just keep it inside. The need for us to express how we feel to those who matter most to us, is critical to the constructive development of the next generation. This book is a contribution to that discussion. The contents are just a small part of what is necessary to make a meaningful difference, but it is my contribution to the process. The book recounts part of my journey, and includes the expression of my emotions to my friend, lover and confidant. As you join me on this journey, please realize that while keeping emotions to yourself, may keep you safe and minimize harm, youll never truly experience love by following this path. True Love does not exist without vulnerability.
There is no single philosophy of the pertinent issues, always leaving much more to be said. There are so many more discussions to be started. It is important for readers to get engaged and add their voices to the discussion. Too many elect to remain silent, choosing to withhold and not give vent to experiences. This may keep us in our comfort zone, but it negatively impacts our love ones and the ones coming after us in the society. When we fail to share the benefit of our experience, young people inevitably repeat the mistakes of the past.
Thank you for taking the journey with me. I hope and pray, that I will help you begin, or renew your commitment to expressing your feelings to those who matter most in your life. Brothers, let us begin the discussion with those in our family circle - parents, siblings, spouse, off spring. Start spending 1-on-1 time with them, do things together, play sports, go fishing, hiking, watch a movie or just read together. Find common interests, and not merely start the conversation, keep it going. Do not allow the silence to continue.
I invite you to visit our site, share your learnings and views and engage in discussion. Visit us at maleXpression.com.

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