Mikes Obsession

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A.W. Snow
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After the death of his parents, Mike makes a tough decision to leave the family business and change careers. While making a name for himself on the police force, an opportunity arises to make him question what he truly wants for his future.
After five months of seeing her every day, he wonders if she is the one. He is fascinated with her, and on the very day he gets the courage to officially meet her, fate steps in and may change everything. The call he gets is for a hold up at the store he just followed her to, and shes already in there, a possible hostage. Is this a cruel joke? When he enters the store, the scene that is playing out before his eyes is not what he expected. Megan is determined not to be a victim again. She digs deep within herself and uses the training she has to control the situation before anyone gets hurt.

Join Mike and see if he saves the girl of his dreams or could it be that she saves him? Will her circumstances keep her trapped behind her walls, or will his love be a new light at the end of the tunnel?

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