"Ignored and Unenforced Law"
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Paul E. Truitt DVM
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Those who recognize and stand up to psychopaths can expect unending retaliation.R. Hare
The author exposed nonfeasance and malfeasance in two government agencies in Tennessee. As a result, he has spent the last fifteen years in a continuous lopsided battle against domestic terrorists and corrupt government officials. It has been as if he has been placed on a secret government blacklist. Many of those who could and should enforce the laws turned out to be terrorists themselves. What the author has experiencedand witnessedhas literally sickened his heart!

The law entitled Ecoterrorism was enacted to protect two very basic human rights: the right to work in ones chosen line of work and the right to propertythe right to own, use, enjoy, and benefit from ones personal property.

A person is guilty of ecoterrorism if the person commits a specified offense against property by intimidating or coercing a person lawfully participating in an activity involving animals, or preventing or obstructing a person lawfully participating in an activity involving animals. This law is not hard to comprehend. Yet it goes unenforced, ignored by law enforcement as a civil matter!

Whistleblowers in Nashville were maliciously prosecuted and terminated from their government jobs; the anti-racing ecoterrorists in PA insanely carried out their published terroristic threats for over five years, and law enforcement and the justice system simply ignored their despicable crimes and did nothing!

Terrorists (domestic or foreign) are evil people with evil motives, often masquerading as activists with a noble political or religious cause. In reality, their primary criminal objectives are personal gainsex, power, and/or money.

Laws are the conscience of humanity; the reason that terrorism is so successful is because terrorists play by no rules, have no moral values, and have no conscience or sense of guilt or remorse! Terrorists of any kind are nothing but psychopaths!

Ecoterrorism is a very lucrative form of terrorism used by perverted animal rights activists to exploit those who make their living participating in animal-related activities. After dealing with ecoterrorists for the last several years, the author clearly sees that ecoterrorism has nothing to do with the love of animals!

Ecoterrorists are often psychopaths masked as animal rights activists and animal lovers! Ecoterrorism is politically charged; therefore, it is often ignored by law enforcementno matter how criminal and despicable it gets!

Psychopathic behavior is often so camouflaged and so veiled that even the victims may have a hard time recognizing it until after most of the damage has been done. A similar phenomenon, known as nave prey syndrome, occurs in nature, whereas the prey does not recognize the predator until the predator has literally got them by the throat.

In reality, the anti-racing persona of anti-thoroughbred racing activists is just a smoke screen; the real motive is personal gain in the form of fraudulently solicited donations and high-quality thoroughbred horses that become free for the taking once the owner has been falsely prosecuted and their valuable thoroughbreds have been stolen under the perverted pretense of official right.

Anti-racing ecoterrorists have developed sophisticated ways to harm and kill thoroughbred horsesways that will go undetected and uninvestigated but reflect badly on the targeted owners and trainers!

You couldnt run (or breed) a dead horse is one of the anti- racing ecoterrorists sinister sayings. As the author have been so painfully made aware of!

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