“Born Again of Water and Spirit”
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Paul E. Truitt
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Dr. Truitt tries to answer the following age-old questions from a philosophical, psychological, scientific and spiritual perspective:
When a person dies, where does their spirit go? Are they born again? Does God want you putting words in his mouth? What makes living things intelligent and gives them life? Is a persons soul immortal? What happens to a persons soul after death? How can a soul be judged? What is the number one reason that a person should strive to make the world a better place for its future inhabitants? What is the ultimate truth, the ultimate reality?

What is Dr. Truitts perception of reincarnation, being born again, and what he calls the re-creation or God and Mother Natures plan to perfect the souls of man and to turn the paradise that we call earth into the ultimate form of the good?

Our purpose in life is to serve God and Mother Nature for the common good of all living things! Most religions are merely perceived by man to satisfy mankinds innate (God-given) need to know and understand. Gods instructions for living their lives are firmly ingrained in the souls of all his living creatures!

To know and understand the truth is one of mankinds most essential innate or God-given needs. The ultimate truth, the ultimate reality, Gods laws, and the laws of nature are universal and never change; they never contradict each other.

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