Simply, Jim

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Jerry Hall
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Simply Jim is the story of the early years of Jim Simply growing up in rural Alabama. Jim is thought to be slow mentally because he is quiet, bordering on being shy. He is thought to be a problem because of his slowness by his first grade school teacher. He is a tag along to his older brothers and his dad. In groups where others are talking but no one could remember what was said five minutes later, Jim remembers what was said, who had said it, and the context of what was said. He is very smart but lacks the social manners to fit in.
Jim is mentored in baseball by his elementary school principal. His natural ability, developed by throwing rocks on his farm and influenced by his mentor, helped him to become a phenomenal pitcher sought by college and pro teams.

Jim is a hard luck type because most of the people with whom he has a close relationship dies, moves away, or suffers maladies causing him to suffer in silence and persevere through loss and disappointment. His mother died in his early years. His mentor died early, and his father died before he is able to fulfill his baseball goals. His brothers and childhood acquaintances moved away. His only positive influences are Joe, an older ninety-seven-year-old man; his uncle John; and his childhood sweetheart, Julie. Jim has so much tragedy in his life but is on the verge of fantastic things happening to him.

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