Midnight Crew

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Kaylene Rose
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Maritsa Mendez has always been a lighthearted and adventurous type of girl. Her first adventure was she was but four years old and was literally dragged across the border; she was chased by the border police and had to endure punishing days and nights running for her life. After arriving to the United States, she vowed that she would never be afraid of the night because no night could be scarier than those life-wrenching nights she had to endure. No, the night would be her bitch from then on out. She also vowed to protect her mother as her mother had protected her and her older brothers. As Maritsa grew up, she found herself being quite rambunctious and fell in love with Jessie Benningan almost six-and-a-half-foot tall, blue-eyed Adonis with PTSD. He was just her brand of drug. With their hobby of street racing with their group Midnight Crew, life was getting a bit dangerous; fights, shootings and close calls with the police were just the tip of the iceberg. And when another street racing crew shows up, bloody and bruised knuckles were the least of their concerns. But they were not the only trouble they had to deal with; Maritsa had also unwillingly acquired a psychotic stalker who kept her and everyone else on edge. Regardless of all the drama surrounding them, life was falling into place; but when a terrible accident happened and with Maritsa's stalker still on the loose, life as she knew it was about to crash and burn.

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