Struggles of the Heart

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Rebecca Gromer is a sixteen-year-old girl who spends most of her time focused on school and keeping to herself. Her father is an accountant that spends most of his day in the office and is hardly at home. Her mother passed away in a plane crash when Rebecca was still very young, and every day she wishes that she could just have her back. She has huge void inside of her that is just getting bigger by the day, and then one day, she is approached by Austin Moore, a cool and handsome young boy that Rebecca never dreamed would ever say one word to her.
As time passes, she falls deeply in love with him and would do anything to be with him. However, even though Austin falls in love with her as well, he also starts to struggle with issues of his own, and because of this, he ends up losing the girl he loves. And Rebecca falls once again into the dark hole inside her.

Now, it has been about two years since Rebecca has moved away from town, and her father suddenly gets the call from his firm that he is needed back at his old branch. Rebecca soon finds herself in Cedorway once again and bumps into a familiar face, one who has missed her desperately. Emotions run high, old feelings emerge, and new struggles arise, and Rebecca and Austin once again find themselves on a confusing roller coaster filled with sadness, joy, triumph, fear, and love.

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