Inherit the Wind

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L. Lincoln Clark
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Jens life was perfect: a perfect husband who was heir to the Stevens fortune, perfect home, perfect future, and she was expecting her first child. Life was goodno, life was great. Then everything changed in one fiery car crash. Jens perfect life was thrown into a tailspin of deceit and confusion. Jens sister-in-law, Alicia, wanted the entire Stevens fortune, and the only thing standing between her and what she so desperately sought was Jens unborn child. Jen didnt know whom to turn to. Jen was running for her life and for that of her unborn child.
Jen, sick, tired, and down to her last six dollars, was in desperate need of help. Surprisingly, that help came from an unlikely source. With the nudging of his housekeeper, reclusive, ill-tempered novelist Mitch Gunther came to Jens rescue. Thus began a story of suspense and gradual love as Mitch and Jen began a journey that led from the valleys of Virginia to the mountains of East Tennessee as they sought to evade Alicias henchmen and keep Jens child and heir safe.

First-time novelist Dr. L. Lincoln Clark has woven a romantic suspense story that you will find difficult to put down until you have reached its exciting conclusion.

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