Three Terrifying Tales

The Dark One: the Beginning, Gore Orphanage, and Blood Harvest
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Brandon Blair
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The Dark One: The BeginningIn the first terrifying tale, you will be told the story of the Dark One, who is a demon that plagues the town of Corpus Mors. The fear he spreads is like a cancer, consuming all those he comes in contact with. It is a fast-paced read filled with suspense at every turn.

Gore Orphanage
In the second terrifying tale, the readers will be faced with another fast-paced story. It is the authors favorite story he has written. It is a tale that will leave you guessing. This story is riddled with suspense and misdirection as four friends delve deep into the mystery of the fire that happened in 1896 at Gore Orphanage. Was it just an accident or something more sinister?

Blood Harvest
The last but definitely not least. This is the most popular story of Brandon Blairs Three Terrifying Tales. It is a story that will leave you wanting more and constantly guessing. This is the first installment of his new series coming out in 2015. Youll absolutely fall in love with this dark heartbreaking story and its characters.

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