In the Depth of My Sorrow

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When pain knocks on our door, it finds our humanity. And, with that humanity, comes a flood of emotions: frustration, anger, disappointment, discouragement, (etc.).In time of grief, pain and our vulnerability to it, can distance us from the divine.We often find ourselves engulfed in guilt and remorse; unable or unwilling to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Yet, the scriptures instruct us to tell the divine what we have in our heart when we pray.It is unquestionable that, in times of pain and desolation, what we have in our heart is grief, frustration, anger, rage and tears. Finding ourselves without words to express our darkest feelings, the best prayer we can offer is our weeping and flowing of tears. And it is ok to cry, just to cry, in our sacred time of prayer.In the words of Parker J. Palmer "When we tell our story, we become human" And in times of darkness, our sorrow becomes our story, and when we own that story in our prayers, we not only become human, but find healing within the process.

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