What Did You Learn at School Today?

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Rhonda Twiner
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The characters in What Did You Learn at School Today? (which is a brand-new, innovative, and uniquely creative childrens book) are different types of sockssocks that happen to be the characters last names! Meet the Toesock siblings, Tommy and Tammy; their mother, Mrs. Tamara Toesock; Tippy Grippysock; Lexi Longstocking; Tracy Lacysock; Toby Tubesock; Mrs. Polka Dotsock, and many more! These charming characters live in the town of Sock Hill, USA, and attend Sock Hill Elementary School.
Tommy and Tammy Toesock are much like other children who, when a parent asks what they learned at school that day, typically say Nothing. But, wait! Maybe they just dont realize that they actually have learned some very important lessons this particular school day. Read this fun and enlightening book to find out how their smart mom guides them through the process of retelling, analyzing, and evaluating their exciting day at school. Your child will instantly become enthralled and intrigued by these characters hilarious names and antics.

This is the first in a series of childrens books cleverly written by Rhonda Twiner and beautifully illustrated by Stephanie Birdwell (both public school teachers). Elementary educators will most certainly appreciate the vocabulary section and the prereading and postreading guiding questions at the end of the book, which can help make lesson plan preparation quick, easy, concise, and effective!

The next book about these cute little sock people from Sock Hill, USA, is entitled Guess What Happened at Show & Tell Today! Be sure to look for it and many more educational, thrilling, and totally entertaining books from these ladies, which are coming soon to your favorite bookstore in paperback and e-book formats! Also, check out more of Stephanies art on her web page at artbysteph.weebly.com.

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