The Trailer Park

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Jade-Nichole Thurber
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SecretsDamien, Lucy and Lexis parents were hiding life changing secrets. One accident led to another and suddenly the skeletons were practically swinging from the rafters. Damiens family was from a long line of werewolves, but when he didnt change, his mother and father thought it best to give him as much of a normal life as possible. But a four-wheeling accident changed everything for him, and the life he knew was gone.
Lucy had dreamsweird dreams. Sometimes they were nightmares; usually involving the same thingswolvesHer father jumped ship when she was just a baby, leaving her mother to raise her alone. In his absence Lucys father, left his secret inside of hervampire blood coursed through her veins. An accident caused by an insane werewolf brought her inner vampire to the surface.
Lexis mother died in a horrible car accident when she was 12 years old. Once her best friends family secrets come to the light, and they are all tossed into a world they all thought was what fairy tales and nightmares were made of, she finds out, her mothers accident may not have been an accident after all.
Now that the secrets were out, they had to preparewar was not far away

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