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A Walking Around
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Dante Zambrano
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The following poems were written during these last two years, and they are a compilation of experiences, feelings and sensations, and of thoughts and ideas of myself about how to live in a new land far away from my homeland. During my work, Ive tried to do the best selection because some the poems are related to each other, and I considered it too boring for the reader to read the same idea over and over even if a poem is written in different words.
The content passes through many levels. First, the sensations of living in a different place and the spoiling for having a good time in order to discover a new way of personal freedom. Then, the disillusions of seeing the things as they really are and at the same time the feeling of loneliness I had and the consolation Ive tried to relieve in order to overcome such disillusions. Finally, comes the moments of thinking about how to start over my life again; thus I acquired a new philosophy in order to make it easier and easygoing now that Im on my own.

After two years, I can say I adapted. Ive realize that I shouldnt expect the same things Ive been accustomed to, and in some way, Ive been able to have a better concept of what I really expect from myself and the future Im willing to create.

I just hope the book would be welcomed and to, in one way or another, fulfill out the readers expectations.

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