The Princess Puppy

Book 2: Who’S Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
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Danielle Reid
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Since the beginning of time, there has never been a sweeter, smarter, spunkier puppy than Sweetie, the Princess Puppy! Or so her human mother, Danielle Reid, states.
"From the moment of her birth, the Princess Puppy won a place in my heart," confesses Reid, the author of the book series, "The Princess Puppy," which tells the true-life adventures of Sweetie. No doubt, most people have met a canine that seems to have a sparkle, a special charm that compels everyone to admire that special pup.

The Princess Puppy is a little white Maltese dog, whose known heritage goes back over 3,000 years to the Island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Legend claims that the ancient people of Malta fed their Maltese the finest delicacies from golden plates. But, this Princess Puppy does not eat from golden plates! She comes from a very hard working family.

The Princess Puppy book series came into being when the author was searching for books to give as gifts to children ...books that would entertain while educating and providing the values and the virtues instilled into literature read by previous generations.

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