Incredible Deception

A Novel
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Gene Ligotti
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Identical twins the idea alone stirs unique thoughts of something special because identical twins are exceptional in this complicated world of ours. Originally designated to be one person, the original cell split and two separate, but identical human beings were the result. Identical in appearance, but are they identical in their mind, heart and soul? Certainly nature vs. nurturing comes into play, but really, deep down, how alike are they? Although the initial setting for this story is the Catskill Mountains in New York, Ligotti takes you to the big cities of New York City, New Orleans and Houston and then on to an Afghanistan war zone before returning you where it all started, a horse farm in the Catskill Mountains.
This story is about identical twins who part company in their late teens and live separate and different lives. Will the way they live change the way they think and act or was it predetermined by genetics?
How far apart from their oneness will they be taken? Incredible Deception will guide you through each of their separate lives and then bring them together in a spell binding and dramatic conclusion where one twin forces himself to return to the home he hated and to a woman his wife that he doesnt know. Its a must read for those who love a love story and readers of suspense thrillers.

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