Why the Coming Golden Age Is a Certainty and the Leadership That Will Produce It

The Necessity of Proper Thinking for Everyone.
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The potential of human progress includes the certainty of a golden age.
When we become a race of human beings called mankind, a golden age on Earth will be a certainty. The steps will include achieving world peace, practicing brotherhood for all, and knowing for sure we are connected to the potential of the universe (God). Thus we will demonstrate high scientific and metaphysical discovery and abundance for all. We will each contribute our highest potential in a unique way and eliminate the middle man (the boss). Finally each individual will be able to think for himself or herself properly, which will eliminate the need for the rule of government as it is applied (dysfunctional) and not practical. It would be impossible for this mankind to be unable to create a golden age. Everything proper will be possible and will be manifested. This book is about the leadership it will take to bring about this dream. This leadership will take society out of the rut it is in into a dream world realized. Each individual alive will be able to use his or her highest potential peacefully, and all will bask in its glorious benefits.

The lessons for this leadership are simply to learn how to properly use the brain. For instance, never criticize or be negative for this attracts negative results. Also, practice unconditional love: this attracts this love to you from others. Meditate constantly in order to keep the brain healthy and relaxed. It is very efficient when in this alpha state and gives very proper solutions to problems. Resist thoughts that produce anger, fear, and jealousy and other unproductive emotions, instead use thoughts that produce peace, love, and create beauty for a healthy attitude and proper behaviors. Dont try to fix an unhealthy brain by feeding it drugs or alcohol. It only thrives best on proper thoughts and good nutrition and will be your guide and best attribute in your journey through life.

It will only take a few strong people using the brain properly for mankind to flourish and become the creators of the golden age desired by those who want better results in their lives. Currently the attitude of fear overwhelms many people, and this must be dissolved by charismatic leaders and teachers so that a great healing can occur. Its worth a try, and I believe results can be realized soon.

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