Where Is the Light

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The story is told by an Earth woman to a young Earth audience of how she met the Light and was told the future happenings on the planet Krieggott. The Imperial Empress Theresa, the absolute ruler of over three billion people, and almost the entire planet Krieggott, is about to give birth to the Heir Apparent, Her Imperial Highness, the Grand Archduchess Princess Royal Adele Florentia Erny Theresa Zara in 4379, n.A. (nach Ankunft or after arrival). This futuristic biographical historical novel is the story of the young child as she grows up, getting into every possible form of mischief. Initially she is befriended by a Light entity. Her mischievous ways allows her to discover a forbidden room, and experience an unsanctioned bonfire, a hunting accident, visiting her mothers prison system, finding three Arks, along with other escapades endangering her life and health. All these adventures cause her to receive numerous Last Rites by the Kirche, the planet-wide Kirche or Church, at almost every turn. She also saves a treasonous professor and earns six Ph.D.s by almost sixteen years of age. She fights a forbidden duel, puts out a forest fire, solves a possible assassination attempt, founds the Air Force and Space Military Academy, and disobeys an Empress Imperial Order. She finally gets married to have a child, which may cause her death in childbirth.
Enjoy the Holy Light, who is a young Light and an energy entity, with ideas and attributes in a timeline of its own.

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