Daisy May’S Lazy, Crazy Days

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Aubrey J. Sher
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Daisy Mays Lazy, Crazy Days is an autobiography, written by me, a beautiful tuxedo cat. Well, actually I am unable to write in people words, so I decided that I would tell my life story to a human author named A-Jay. He is one of the very few humans who understands cat language and was able to translate into people language whatever I dictated to him.
The concept of a cat telling her story is unique, and children of all ages from early elementary school age to adults should enjoy hearing me tell about my habits, my animal friends, my adoptive parent, Lu-Jo, my likes and dislikes, and how I spend my days in my home, which I refer to as a palace. I also show off my sense of humor whenever I can in this book. For example, I said at one point, I hope you find my autobiography interesting with a litter bit of fun.

The chapter headings listed in the Contents will give you a good idea as what to expect in this delightfully creative piece of literature, a must for even those who are totally unfamiliar with cats. Daisy May will definitely endear herself to all her readers. So enjoy!

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