Dreams and Nightmares of a Menopausal Woman

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Warning: If you don't like nightmares and horror, then don't read this book.
Dream and Nightmares of a Menopausal Woman is a collection of 157 extremely vivid dreams experienced over a two-year period. Normally, this would be nothing of great interest. But I am epileptic, and one of the causes of my seizures is hormones. During the hormonal imbalance of menopause, I was basically allergic to myself! I never knew what was going to come at me each time I shut my eyes for sleep. Often not wanting to sleep due to the nightmares that plagued me. Not all my dreams where nightmares. Some of my dreams were sexual, some hilarious, and some dotted with celebrities. A very unique read that also includes nineteen illustrations.

"Unique and interesting opportunity to see the perspective of a woman going through quite a difficult menopause. Thankfully, menopause ends."

Shelia Schwartz

"This adventure of a dream series journal, so wonderfully recalled, recorded and recounted in amazing detail, is a delightful and amusing experience. This book is a virtual 'smorgasbord' for dream and sleep researchers alike, who may find it an in depth challenge to interpret such. This book gives a whole new meaning to the words: pillow talk. Most delightful, Bambi Davis!"

Cheryl A. Hartwell

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