What Are We Really Scared Of?
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Brenda Turner
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Announced as the Best Self Help Book by the Pacific Book Awards for 2018 and a Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards in the Self Help category for 2019

Winner of the Pacific Book Awards 2018 - Best Self Help book

Finalist of the Book Excellence Awards 2019 in the Self Help category

Have all your questions answered with this comprehensive guide to bullying. From the school yard through to the workplace, cyber bullying, domestic violence, even elder abuse, this book covers all areas of bullying.

Why you were chosen, why you responded the way you did, why no one would step in to help you and how to stop it? Understanding bullying is crucial to defeating it, learning how the bullies think will tell you what tactics they will use and when you know those, you can counter them to defeat the bully. With practice, you can stop the bullies before they start.

This informative book challenges the current "system" response of victim blaming and punishment and lays the foundation for a successful way of dealing with bullies.

The author gives realistic, affordable and affective solutions to the bullying problem. Often supporters do not know what to say to victims, their words can sound accusatory, even a tone of voice is sometimes all it takes to send a victim into the deepest abyss. There are many hints and tips for parents, friends, teachers, and supporters in this book.

Bullies are really not that scary when you understand them, in fact, they are easy to control when you know how. Put all bullies in their place today, order your copy of Bullying What are we really scared of?

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