Denial Is a River in Egypt

Dare to Dream, Dare to Be Free!
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WHAT is normal? Is it represented by a boring, mundane, grinding routine? An existence many of us take for granted and curse at times for being so predictable? Perhaps. But one day, it is suddenly gone!Young mum Indy had a "normal" life. Through a series of events triggered by the bizarre behaviours of her five-year-old daughter, Indy struggles to comprehend what has happened. She has questions, but nobody seems able to answer them. Struggling to comprehend this detour her life has taken, her journey turns inwards. She questions herself. What destroyed her vision of success is deeply embedded in her past.
Bitter with deep resentment, Indy's anger consumes her. Her downward spiral is interrupted by tragic circumstances that numb her and neutralise her self-absorption. She uncovers truths that bring a change to her perspective. The implications of adversity have a profound impact on her outlook. The techniques described and discovered by Indy, inspire her through her darkest days.
Dark though it seems to be, light from unexpected places inspires a shift in Indy's focus and brings lessons about tolerance, love and acceptance. Many families face the challenges depicted in this book. How they cope and reconcile the adjustments necessary to accept change is a personal matter. Each person's journey will be unique. Denial Is a River in Egypt shares Indy's.
Denial Is a River in Egypt is a real story about an average family and their average life. There are many who endure more than their share of the extremes of challenge and despair in life, and some stumble in defeat. During those lows, it's hard to remember what makes your heart sing. Surprising discoveries arise from the ashes of broken dreams.
Life is a personal journey. Only you will be able to find and follow what's right for you. Being open to growth can restore broken hearts. New dreams will evolve. Hearts that dare to dream soar high once again with new hope and renewed freedom.
Fear not. Your future awaits you! Stop chasing your dreams. Catch them, and make them a reality! Allow your river of inspiration to carry you towards what brings colour into your world!
Look up at the colours around you. Feel them. Live them.

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