Shiva’S Trident

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R. Rudrappan
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Enter Manivannan: a small time house broker in Kolathur, Salem District, Tamilnadu, in an effort to expand his business finds out rather painfully that he has stepped unwittingly into a zone exclusively ruled by a local gang-lord, simply addressed as Anna or Big Brother - a ruthless individual with good political backing.
Beaten and broken, Mani soon becomes one among the many stooges, touts, dealers and pimps Anna has inducted into his growing fold, running many errands and doing all the dirty work Anna throws at him.

The threat to his little family is the driving force to perform.

When his wife, Pushpa, fearing for their safety, eventually leaves him taking with her their only daughter Bhoomika, he considers the separation as Godsend.

After witnessing a bloody heist gone horribly wrong, brutally victimizing a little girl that resembles Bhoomika, he sets into motion a slow process of transformation, of rediscovering his lost self, of reversing the slow but painful emasculation that he has been methodically subjected to, enlightened by the wisdom of a swamy and emboldened by the sweeping views of a fierce Hindu professor.

Rising quietly from the ranks of the subdued, he willingly chooses to become, if not the hand of God, then a weapon of God, to become the Shivas trident.

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