Australian Stories from My Father's Past
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Helen Brown
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My parents grew up in a time that most of us only read about in history books. They saw history made many times. Their generation created the advantages that we take for granted today. Like us they, too, had to rely on the Lord Jesus for strength, courage, and pure grit to get through the dangers they faced each day. They still managed to raise five healthy children, all of whom are capable productive members of society.
There was a great variety of experiences throughout their lives and through these have been able to learn and grow as part of the Australian community. These lessons have been passed on to not only their children but to the many people that they have come into contact with throughout their days in ministry, farming, and community service as well.

They unselfishly offered me this project. I am pleased to be able to share some of their lessons with the whole wide world through this book. As I presented each article, I was made aware that there was an extra blessing that I could claim. I have added these at the end of each contribution. We, their children, have been very blessed to have had such wonderful parents as our role models in life. My prayer is that this book may bring some insight into what life was like in times past. May it also help us all to be grateful for the determination that their generation had to give us the advantages we have today!

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