The All Is Nothingness

A Glimpse into God’S Own Backyard
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Alan V. Gordon
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This book examines the basis of mankinds conception of what Reality really is, in terms of the crucial differences between what man sees as Nothing, and the positive construct of Nothingness.Shura, the son of a well-respected Russian Particle Physicist, describes his fathers life-long ambition to quantify the very basis of The All, the creative entity. He recalls some of his fondest memories of his conversations with his father, and the desperate anger of his words, There is nothing, bloody nothing, those particles just suddenly appear from nowhere, instantly annihilate themselves, and then disappear back into nothingness.
His father a particle physicist, cosmologist, and a philosopher, firmly believed in a creating entity, he termed The All, yet he had little time for faith in a religious divine god. The empty space time, within a Quantum vacuum, in which virtual particles appeared and disappeared, seemingly out of nowhere, was not at all the same as the philosophical concept of nothing. It was a very real sensation in the human brain.
The book traces his fathers life long research in particle physics, and records the many varied views and hypothesis to explain the act of creation. We are taken on a step by step account of his fathers unbelievable world of particles, anti-particles, and of matter which exists only by virtue of an invisible force, found in the Nothingness of the oscillating Quarks, within the Protons empty space. Convinced he could prove the existence of gods backyard location, he undertook a life-long study of the amazing world of virtual particles.

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