Eye of the Needle

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Craig Downey
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I have been to the peak of achievement both physically and mentally and have fallen to the depths of despair entangled in the darker side of life deep within oneself. I write of very real solutions to find a more profound connection with the world around and overcome the mundane, which is so common in a routine, predictable world we can find ourselves in.
I have suffered very real problems and on more than one occasion have found myself in circumstances where, in most cases, there is little chance of getting back to not only a normal way of life but to a way of life where I could really achieve and have a productive and fulfilling life.

There are few positives that can be drawn from the agony of mental illness other than those that are procured from the challenge of the experience. When you experience such a condition, you are open to wider range of thoughts and see visit areas of the mind that many of us would never know in our everyday lives. If you are strong inside and maintain a belief in yourself, it is possible to articulate these thoughts and feelings and present them to others so they can not only benefit from avoiding the traps and pitfalls that lead us to lose control of our lives but to benefit from the insight I have gained in fighting all the way back from the deepest darkest recesses of the mind.

What fundamentally we need most of all in life is what I term a touch of magic to provide some hope for love in the harshness ultimately of the world in which we live. This translates to religion usually in a wider sense, but I have found the road for individuals to take this path after much soul searching. I guarantee successful application in nearly all areas, and I assure you, I am a compassionate believer in the materialalthough take heed, all things should be taken in measure, and you should develop your own understanding.

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