Seeing the Spiritual Reasons Behind the Negativity

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Jem Amber Stone
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Seeing the Spirituality behind the Negativity started off as a personal type of diary of channeled material for me and my family. My son, especially, was interested in what I did and would put questions to me that I answered by automatic writing. This is done by tuning into frequencies like a radio: a channeled voice/s that would tell me what to write. Sometimes the information came so fast, I had to approximate the word they told me. In other words, some of the time I filtered what was told to me so that the information is as close as can be.
After a while, I started asking my own personal questions about my life and what I was going through, and at other times, I asked about spiritual and even sought out who were the aliens I again had experienced. Eventually my writing revealed further information about controversies such as major events that changed the world.

In the end, I decided if my book could help other people, then why not have it published? It is not unique as there have been others such as David Icke, PTaah, and Seth material. Rather, I think my book validates other channeled books. Even if the book is read as fiction, as long as it has been entertaining or even thought provoking, then my goal of publishing it has been accomplished.

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