The Justice Force

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Terry Richardson
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In the large inland city of Wagga Wagga, newly appointed Detective Mike Walker notices a pattern emerging regarding the unexplained deaths of the states major villains. He attempts to discuss the subject with his mentor, the tough and grizzled old Detective Sergeant Lindsay Johnson but is warned off.
Slightly bemused at the mild rebuke, Walker is contemplating his next move when a crime bulletin arrives, relating the matter of yet another underworld figures demise. The investigating officer is an acquaintance, the upwardly mobile Chief Inspector Allan Muscatt.

Walker makes contact with his old friend, and the two agree to meet and probe the mysterious deaths, either officially or unofficially.

Meanwhile, Walkers best friend, ex SAS commando, Andy Keyes, along with his Malaysian wife, struggles to eke out a living on a small farm near the township of the Rock, just outside Wagga Wagga.

Keyes and Walker are both keen sportsmen, but Andy occasionally lets his teams down when he has to forego sport to attend to business matters. He tries to explain to Walker that business must come first, even if it means leaving the teams short.

When Walker and Muscatt get deeper involved in the mysterious deaths of the criminals, they soon realise an outside force is at work.

Not only is this force apparently organising the hits, it seems to be extremely high powered and influential.

Both detectives are warned off, and as the tense situation heats up, tragedy strikes, leaving Walker faced with an appalling choice.

A police computer course suddenly gives Walker a massive clue in the case.

Again he must wrestle with his conscience and decide which path to take.

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