Voices from the Heart

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Kenneth Sequeira
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This journey, Voices from the Heart, started off with techno-verse, as I call it, narrating my passion for aircraft in the early 1980s. Along the way, I shared so many beautiful moments with friends and family that I decided to record it in narrative form. There were others who wanted to express their emotions and could not do so, and I already had so many stories to tell, so I decided to put them all down in a series of books. This book is also an outpouring of feelings and emotions of those people who I was fortunate enough to meet. For through them I realise how fortunate some of us are, how we all have some secrets that have left a permanent scar that may or may not heal. More importantly it helps us understand how complicated human nature is. They all have left me the gift of relating their experiences to all those who are willing to listen.
Here is a toast to all those who have opened up their hearts to share their feelings and emotions with us!

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