The Geniality of Mohammad

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Imad Ahmad
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The enemies of Islam did their utmost to distort the religion and defame its prophet. Nowadays, their aggression is culminated by the emergence of savage gangs that pretend to be acting according to the teachings of Islam. This book clarifies the situation through the simple historical facts about the greatness and the geniality of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).
All the information presented in this book are established on what the Islamic reference books wrote and confirmed. Two main sources of information are the Quran (The words of Allah) and the HADEETH (The words and deeds of Mohammad).
This book lists many facts that both Muslims and non-Muslims confirmed in various occasions.
What humanity deeply needs today are sincere reformers. This book introduces one of the most genius reformers in history.
Misunderstanding of equality and freedom of expression encouraged some people to offend the great reformers. This book tries to tell those offenders that whatever they say cannot affect the fact that the great remains great in either geniality, deeds, or faith.
Mohammad was great in the criteria of religion, knowledge, feelings, and human nature.

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