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Anupam Samantaray
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The satisfication one get's after knowing about the killer at the end of the story is quite unimagineable . This story is filled with suspense , thriller and a bit of drama in it . This story is about two brothers , two agents working for the same elite Crime solving Agency of the country dealing with the events that completely changed their lives. The elder brother first joined the agency and then after two years the younger one followed him . After few years both of them became the top investigating agents of the bureau . Their intellectual level was no match for their colleagues working with them . The clearance rate of their cases were best in the country . The elder brother was special agent Vijay Srivastav and the younger one was special agent Arjun Srivastav . They both lost their parents when they were young and being brought up by their grandfather who was in the army they were taught the art of patriotism and discipline from a tender age . So they were destined to protect the people and the law . But Vijay always resisted Arjun to join the agency ,so as to protect him from the evil of the society. But he never listened him . After some years a drastic turn of events occurred in their lives which changed whole scenario of their story . This story tell us how did they cope with their sudden change of events in their lives and the path both of them took to cope with their lives ,to overcome the pain and loss .

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