Fulfil Your Spouse’S Needs - Enjoy Marriage

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Winnie Oriakhi-Omibiyi
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Men and women have specific needs in a marital or any other loving relationship. These needs are very different. What a man needs is very different from what his wife might think he needs, and what a woman needs is different from what her husband might think she needs.
I have written this book with the aim of helping couples who are married. This book is for couples who feel that marriage is boring and that the excitement is gone; for couples who feel that one partner is taking the other for granted and who want more out of their marriage; and for couples who want to improve on their relationship and have a wonderful marriage. It is also for single people who desire to get married one day. It will prepare you for what marriage should be like. It will give you an idea of what to expect and what to sacrifi ce so that your marriage will last as God intended.

I feel it is time for men and women to look beyond their own specific needs and see how we can fulfil the needs of our spouses, thereby fulfilling our own. We should give our spouses what they really need and not what we think they need.

This is a timely book on the issues facing married couples. Winnie has a wealth of practical insight that will bring healing and reconciliation in marriages. She has an uncanny ability to be frank on tough issues. It has given me tools to build up my wife and create nourishing dialogues. It will also bless those who are engaged and planning to tie the knot

Pastor Parveen Singh

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