Mademoiselle Fleur

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Samantha Arran
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Prolific writer publishes latest romantic novel, ably sweeping readers up into the captivating drama of international fashion.
Mademoiselle Fleur DuPre hails from remarkably affluent stock, but she is determined not to rest on her familys privileged laurels. Her parents may breed thoroughbred racehorses at their stud farm in Paris, and her paternal grandparents might be the owners of prestigious jewellers shops in Paris and London, but Fleur is quietly resolved to break away from tradition and to make it on her own merits. Fleur is only twenty-four years old, but she already has the fashion world enthralled by her creative flair; her talent and tenacity have just won her the Haute Couture College Honours Degree for best student, along with the acclaimed Star Award for her wedding dress designs.

Madame Merle Veneto, a famous film star before she settled down to married life, is driving home when she hears the news of Fleurs award-winning wedding gowns on the radio. She immediately decided to approach Fleur through the Couture College with the prospect of a stellar commission; to create a dream wedding gown for her eldest daughter, Franoise, who is struggling to find the right designer for her upcoming marriage. This exciting opportunity will transform Fleurs career. It will also bring with it an extraordinary love-affair.

This enjoyable novel from Samantha Arran, the author of the Lady Amanda Young, Love never fails, Unfailing love, A New Beginning trilogy, this time focuses on the high-octane fashion world, with a vibrant blend of romance, drama and suspense that readers will adore.

About the Author: Samantha Arran is a romantic fiction writer living in Derbyshire.

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