Everlasting Arts and Sciences

Volume 2
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Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok
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Written by a seasoned Prophet and reputable Spiritual Scientist, His Lordship Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok; Everlasting Arts and Sciences volume 2 unveils more than 4000 secrets of the universe, natures, souls, destinies, spirits, man, earth and its components and creatures. Vital issues like the Worlds Holiest City, different manifestations of our first parents (Adam and Eve) on Earth, the Earths most important and costly portion (city) are unveiled. Mystery in names, most blessed moment since the creation of the Earth, and the chemistry behind the physical manifestation of the Almighty God on Earth are also unveiled.Another (final) change in the world climate, release and withdrawal of keys to immortal and from mortal music are here revealed. In-depth knowledge on the spiritual composition of man, animal, fish, bird, fire, thunder and air; forces behind talking, sleeping, tongue; witchcraft and the causes of population on Earth; the different spiritual essences attached to each continent of the world, the pasting of the flag of victory of good over evil in all continents of the world are among other revealing secrets in this book. The New Name of the Almighty God is again exposed for mans consumption and eternal blessings. Equally, those portions earthquake cannot occur, and why bigger nations will come to their knees are also unveiled. Endless number and figure of Final Judgment, the composition of perpetual life, the original location of the Garden of Eden, the composition of the Bottomless Pit and the Mark of Salvation are also some of the important contents. It is a book for all races, tongues, nations and colours, of this last generation.

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