C.P. Cavafy Historical Poems

A Verse Translation with Commentaries
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Cavafy's Historical Poems is the first volume of a four-book set constituting a study of the life and opus of this fascinating poet.
The second volume is an anecdotal life detailing Cavafys home and its atmosphere: the man, the poet, and his lifestyle; the odes of his compatriot partisans; the praises of his foreign admirers; the barbs and insults of his critics and revilers; the poet as a critical ironist; and the last part of his life. More than one hundred commentators are quoted, and just as many of his poems are used where it seemed appropriate.

A third volume consists of erratic commentaries containing the authors evaluation and criticism of the main contributions to Cavafys poetry. That is these of George Seferis, Sir Maurice Bowra, Robert Liddel, Edmund Keeley, Grigorios Xenopoulos, Timos Malanos, Stratis Tsirkas, John Sareyiannis, and others. These follow an opening chapter on Hellenization and a second chapter on the controversial subject of the dates of composition of Cavafys poems.

The fourth volume, The Canon, is a verse translation of the 150 poems Cavafy accepted as his mature opus, including the original Greek verses, accompanied by detailed examination of the poets craft and style. That is to say the meter, length of verse, wedging, rhyme, enjambment, titles, organization, punctuation, the absences, lyricism, periphrasis, description, narrative, suggestive image, abstractions, transmission, maturity, content, language, irony, intellectuality, etc.

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