The Bricks Have Fallen; I Will Rebuild (Isaiah 9:10)
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Fenella Stevensen
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In the second of Fenellas three books, happiness is short lived in marriage eleven days to be exact, followed by a seven year nightmare before finally
bailing ship. The first book: Rejoice I Will Fear No Evil (Psalm 23) begins with
physical abuse, but the marriage as told through the character of Jessica, was a
relationship of emotional abuse, that led to planning suicide as the only escape.
Having counselled and helped others, Jesse couldnt help herself!
Of course, Jesse lives to tell the story, but has many sadnesss and three
major bereavements to deal with, not to mention the unleashing of a great
anger and bitterness in her heart and the spoils they bring. Whilst succeeding
in a career working with young people having been forced out of mission, her
personal life becomes a non-stop quest for love, internet dating, and a total
failure, hidden behind the mask of a clown.
A finger of fate flicks the switch bringing sickness - ME, and the ensuing
realities of limitations, causing Jesse to go in pursuit of yet another lifelong dream
to improve her quality of life requiring her to sell up, saying farewell to friends,
seeking pastures new and fresh opportunities.
Priding herself on being a survivor, Jesse brushes the hurts under the carpet
and moves on til such a time when the hurts and disappointments become a
mountain impossible to avoid and a volcano bursts beyond the mask, spewing
the poisons within... and a realisation that something has to change.
Returning to her waiting Perfect Valentine, He empowers and encourages
Jesse to break free from the chains of self-pity, low self-worth, and the constant
cloud of failure, to a place of victory - with the dreaded mountain as rubble at
her feet!
When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would
not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, I used everything you gave
I am touched by the almost childlike way Fenella Stevensen views life in her
early years of Rejoice I Will Fear No Evil (Psalm 23) struck by the sincerity in
each word, and the emotion which at times jump out of the pages. Fenella has
unearthed an incredible talent in that her life story, but most of all in spreading
the word that no matter where you come from, what dark journeys life makes
you take, hope prevails. Patrick Jason - Malta Now

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