Adventures of Melvin the Mouse

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Ron Haslam
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This is a short story for all you Mums and Dads and Grandparents who enjoy reading bedtime stories to your children. You will decide to what age group, my own experience and research tells me that ages from four to seven years will enjoy this book.
It is the story of Melvin, a small field mouse who lives in the English countryside.
He is very friendly with all the other small animals that live in the vicinity, rabbits, ducks, squirrels, badgers, birds, even fish.
Craving adventure; he seeks the help and advice from his older and wiser friends and undertakes a huge adventure for a small mouse, traveling by any method he can find from trains and cars to an airplane, he travels to America and finds a new life, having many adventures on the way.

My name is Ron Haslam (no relation to the famous motor cyclist, we were both born with the same name.). I was born in England, lived two years in Australia and twenty eight years in South Africa. I live in England at present.

This is one of nine childrens bedtime story books I have written, all tell of the many adventures experienced by the characters, so are titled The Adventures of .

Seth the Salt Pot, Roger the little Red Engine, Sid the Swallow, Benny the Beaver, Greg the Greyhound, Denis the Duck, Cedric the Salmon and Ernie the Elephant.

I have written two other books, Jam Tomorrer is the story of my life in England, Australia and South Africa, and The Pure Magic of True Love, a story of true love, and four families, all related, but with their own stories to tell.

My email address is

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