The Rage

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Paul A. Roberts
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The Concept to Creation series brings you its first book, The Rage by first time author Paul A. Roberts. The Rage looks at the ultimate family tragedy, the slaughter of two innocent parents and their young son and twists into a supernatural revenge thriller. Inspired by his ultimate fear, the loss of his family, the author brings raw emotion and strength to the central characters and we have brought you the evolution of the story from the initial concept brought out of a nightmare, to the finished draft of the story and the script prepared for television.
Amanda was incredibly happy, she has a loving husband and son, a wonderful home and a long life mapped out a head of her. This life was torn apart by evil and the deaths of her family, before she too is slaughtered by two evil amoral criminals. Mandy dies slowly, the body of her son lay out in front of her, her Rage builds to a crescendo as she breathes her last breath.

Mandys Rage keeps her spirit alive, and she comes back two months later as a phantom intent on bringing her families murderers to justice. When this fails she takes matters more directly in to her own hands, with fatal consequences.

At the end of the book there is the first chapter of Pauls first novel, Amelias Choice, which is coming from Pauls series, Chronicles from the Shadow archives in 2014. The Chronicles will be reinventing a 19th century legend for the 21st century audience.

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