Everlasting Arts and Sciences

Volume 1
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Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok
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Written by a seasoned Prophet and reputable Spiritual Scientist, His Lordship Bishop Bassey Effiong Orok; Everlasting Arts and Sciences volume 1 unveils more than 3000 secrets of the universe, natures, souls, destinies, spirits, man, earth and its components and creatures. The manner the earth was created, road leading to it, the top secret and controlling agents of most dangerous sicknesses, and transferring key of creatures from one portion of the universe to another is here unveiled. The true composition, contents and natural tradition of man, star, water, soil, as well as the universal symbol of air, and the demarcation of the sky as linked to humanity are among the secrets revealed. Also unveiled is how the various satellites mounted by man in space will be dismantled by the Supernatural Power of the Universe. The true colours of fire and its last day operation is fact humanity should know. The most deadly fruit, most dangerous and sensitive parts in human body, as well as the several conditions of the earth are also unveiled. The center of the earth is identified in this book, and shocking among other unveiling top secrets is the true colour of Adam and Eve (our first parents), and that of Cain and Abel, with their twin sisters. Shadow, womans menstrual period, human face, hair, teeth, tongue, and the brain are also among the unveiling mysteries in this book. It is a book for all races, tongues, nations and colours of this last generation.

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