Poetic Injustice & Laffing Aside

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Slater Kworrie
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Never in my life did I ever contemplate composing a book of Poetry so I didn't and my apologies to those of you out there who thought I would dare categorize it as such when comparing it to the classics. For some unknown reason during the past two years, there has been an avalanche of rhymes materialising in my head on a daily and sometimes even an hourly basis. Everything that my eyes dropped on to or what somebody might have happened to mention in passing was automatically filtered into the verse as opposed to the voice box or voice-versa and summarily twisted and turned into a rhyming subject. Silly ,serious or just amusing, most were given an added ingredient of poignancy or irony that may have directly related to the complex world we live in.Flowing with the phenomonom, my thoughts seemed to urge me into re- producing other experiences that may have been lying dormant somewhere in the back of my mind since my first tangible recollections of life and the initial flexing of brain muscle back at the school of learning right up to the present moment. The anecdotes are again observations and stories picked up and stored over many, many years and embellished to produce an occasional break from rhyme reading.
The Human Race warms to laughter and happiness in a serious, demanding enviroment and hopefully this book will bring some small ray of sunshine into your life to provide a welcome break from the daily grind. This is an enigmatic look at that life so to speak and like a drink, I trust you will enjoy it responsibly.

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