Walking in Shadows

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Katherine Connolly
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An extraordinary story about a very ordinary woman. Born and bred in a small community in the south-west of Ireland, this is a tale that starts plainly, moves into equestrian adventure, climaxes with three horrific relationships, and, like all good stories, has a happy ending.Katherine Connolly loves animals. Growing up in a family where her father worked in a rescue centre and her mother raced greyhounds, she was always surrounded by them. Throughout her life they have been her rock. Through the bullying, family deaths, near fatal accidents, mentally and physically abusive relationships, and a life-changing medical diagnosis, the animals have been the one thing Katherine could come home to, no matter where she was.
A true story depicting a simple childhood haunted by family illness and death. A promising career in the equestrian business that took Katherine around the world, working with top show-jumping yards, only to be brought crashing down by a tragic accident. The gritty details of three very different and cruel relationships that would have left any person at the brink of sanity. The medical diagnosis that saved her life but also ended much of it. And finally, the happy ending that she always dreamed of. Welcome to an inspiring tale about a remarkable woman.

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