On a Wing and a Prayer

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C.S. Peters
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On a Wing and a Prayer is mainly set as the Battle of Britain is raging fiercely in the skies above Great Britain. The novel is principally the story of James Graham, a young Fighter Pilot in daily combat during the Battle when RAF Fighter Command fought to repel the massive might of the German Luftwaffe. The novel describes Jamess apprehension and fears of being the new boy on the Squadron and, as the Battle of Britain progresses, finding himself at the heart of the daily, fierce, aerial combats, whilst also struggling to come to terms with the harsh realities of war when he sees so many of his comrades paying the ultimate sacrifice. Through passages of vividly descriptive, exciting, action-packed and thoroughly researched narrative, the story takes the readeras if in the cockpit with James during dogfight actionfrom when he joins his first Squadron to when he becomes an experienced and seasoned Fighter Pilot.
On a Wing and a Prayer also provides a fascinating insight into the lives of ordinary citizens in wartime Britain during 1940: factory workers working for the war effort; evacuees finding themselves away from their homes in unfamiliar surroundings; emergency and rescue workers risking their lives daily in Blitz-ravaged London; housewives coping with wartime shortages and rationing. On a Wing and a Prayer will resonate with a wide audience by focusing both on the domestic and the conflict aspects of the war. Through the novels characters, the juxtaposition of the life of a Fighter Pilot and the anxiety, fear and hardships of civilians during the Summer of 1940, On a Wing and a Prayer weaves a compelling and poignant story of Britain and its people as they awaited, indeed expected, to be invaded and over-run.
Action, excitement, romance and tragedy are skillfully woven throughout the novel. Mixed in with this all, On a Wing and a Prayer also combines a rich and credible narrative exploring and examining the disparate relationships of the novels principal characters each experiencing the stresses and emotions of everyday life in wartime Britain from different perspectives.
On a Wing and a Prayer is the first part of the enthralling Graham Family saga by C. S. Peters.
Keep a lookout for the second novel in the series Ever Present Danger.

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