The Essence and Preeminence of Sonship

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Peter Akeck
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"He gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul" Ps 106:15They had whatever they wanted and were full, but were never fulfilled in all their pursuits and endeavours.
The million dollar question today as it was then, stands:
"Do you want to be full or do you want to be fulfilled?"
To be full you have to 'do', and to be fulfilled you have to 'be'. Servants 'do', but sons 'are'.
The revelation of the Father and the consequent restoration and re-placement of sons in His Son, play in-expendable role in this divine design. God is first a Father then He saves; He is first a Father then He heals,etc. God first 'is', then He 'does'. He created the first man Adam and called him a 'son'. When this son failed, He sent His Son to find His lost son and restore him to his placement - sonship. God's first question to all humanity was "Where are you?"

Where you are is more important to God than what you do. We were created first to be, then to do; not vice versa as it is today. Who we are informs what we are. Who we are defines us, but what we are defines our works.
As all humanity and creation step into this glorious end time epoch that God has so graciously dispensed unto us, we must all keep in sharp focus the Father's plan to fill the earth with glorious sons.
The Father's design of sonship re-places man into his pathway to finding fulfillment beyond fullness.
This book, "The Essence and Precedence of Sonship" details this whole concept in such a way that the reader not only catches the revelation of the Father and steps into his placement as a son(whether he is male or female), but also explores the magnanimous glory of the Father that catapults him into fulfillment beyond description.

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