The Cat and the Lizard

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Judy Marks
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Lisa is the mother of the bride. But a white wedding in England isnot what daughter Sophie has in mind, upsetting her prospective
mother-in-law and her stepfather Bill, Lisas husband, into the
bargain. Lisa prepares for the wedding in Alonysos, a beautiful little
Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. Bill has been made redundant, and
money is short, but Lisa wants to pull out all the stops to give Sophie
what she wants.

At last, after a disastrous but hilarious journey by plane, taxi, bus
and hydrofoil, Lisa and Bill, along with bride and groom, arrive on
the Island, followed by twelve friends and family ranging in age from
six months to sixty. The guests include Sophies brother and his wife
and her family, who have provided a beautiful villa. With different
backgrounds and points of view, all try to settle down to enjoy each
others company, from a gay couple to a homophobe. But sparks do
fly, particularly between Lisa and Bill.

Lisa feels misunderstood by her children and somewhat taken
advantage of . . . and she senses not all is right with Bill either. There
is something she is missing, but she cant quite put her finger on it.

She thinks about her life as she sits in the local taverna in the
sweltering sun, watching a cat play with a lizard. If the cat bites off
the tail, will it grow another one?

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