Wall Nash

Towards Destiny
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Vlad Fedoseev
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From the very first lines of this account, it seems fair to note, with all due respect to our Emegean race, that earthlings are really quite amusing creatures by nature. Oddly enough, but it often happens with them, their view of the genuineness of what is taking place is unexpectedly jumbled up with imaginary prejudice. I have witnessed this by the caprice of chance, having found myself on their planet through the decree of fate. Their planet has the local name Earth. I should note that it appears on the Emegean astronomical maps as the planet Goteo, located somewhere on the outskirts of the galaxy in the system Yellow Helion at a distance of forty-four light-years from Emegea. I do not know exactly when the planet was first inscribed on Emegean astronomical maps, but I can definitely declare that this system is inhabited by humanoids of a human type, and they are even quite similar to our race with only a slight exception in their mentality and their conception of modern exact sciences. Believe me, we know that our intelligence spacecrafts have already circumnavigated a sufficient tract of the universe numbering millions of light-years of vast space, the study of which has been continuing for several hundred thousand years, and that our battle fleet is the most powerful in the present time, having conquered hundreds or maybe thousands of other worlds in our entire native galaxy. But none of these worlds had the remotest concept of the lifestyle that I encountered here on Goteo. Before my arrival there, I hadnt expected that in this sector of the universe there would be a certain planet that is inhabited by human beings. But malevolent fate has already relieved me of this delusion.

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