Hey Big Spender 'Get an Emotional Grip'

Includes Red Dot Shopping Designed to Reduce Your Weekly Spending by up to a Third!
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Ann Carver
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Hey Big Spender is not saying to never to emotionally or impulse spend again as this is unreal. But is saying you can rein your spending habits in and have more money, confidence and contentment in the process. The intentions of this book are to;

Gear you up with common sense spending skills, for you to simply integrate into your daily lifestyle. Then you can reach the end of your day in pocket.
Teach you secrets about your relationship with money, that up until reading this book you were totally unaware of.

Hey Big Spenders authentic approach is proving to make a BIG difference in many people's lives. You need this book if you are uncontrollably shopping and spending money and just can't stop or if simply want savvier spending skills.
Are you earning a lemonade wage, but living it up on a bubbly champagne lifestyle
Perhaps your easily seduced by consumerism and need to build your NO muscle
Maybe you simply want to fatten your empty wallet/purse
Or do you want to get to grips with the powerful emotions that trigger you to spend, once and for all.

This book is made up of (1) authentic stories (2) powerful behaviour change tools (3) coaching strategies to move your money and life on. Also included is Hey Big Spenders unique RED Dot Shopping strategy, which is proving to reduce weekly spending by up to a third!

I had no idea how much money I was wasting; all I knew was that it ran out fast. After one week of RED Dot shopping, I had 100 left. Michelle H

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