Antichrist and the Church

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Charles Akujieze
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The history of Christendom has caused some to cast serious doubt about Christianity. By Christendom scholars generally refer to the realm of sectarian activity dominated by religions that claim to be Christian. Christianity refers to the original form of worship and access to God taught by Jesus Christ. With her wars, inquisitions, crusades and religious hypocrisy, the history of Christendom has not helped the cause of Christianity. Devout Muslims and others point to the moral corruption and decadence of the Western Christian world as a basis of rejecting Christianity. Having lost their moral rudder, most, if not all Christian nations have suffered shipwreck on the rocks of faithlessness, greed and self-indulgence.
At the inception of Christianity, two ways were available to those espousing what was then an unpopular faith hold to the uncompromising teachings and principles of Christ
and the Scriptures or oscillate towards the wide and easy-going path of compromise with the world at the time. Its history of first 400 years shows that the majority choose the later. And this suggests that the decadence started many years ago but only reached unprecedented level in our contemporary times.

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