Nine Gates of Asia

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Faruk Budak
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A spiritual journey in nine countries of Fareast.
India, Nepal, Myanmar, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Everything begins with questions; travels also The roadmap of the traveler who starts his spiritual journey is different, his questions are also

Mysterious attractiveness of spiritual way of living from Hindu ashrams to Buddhist monasteries, from Muslim dargahs to Christian churches

Legendary atmosphere of hippies ultimate destination, Kathmandu

Tears falling down in the cemetery of WW1 in a remote village of Northern Myanmar

Long river journeys in legendary Mekong River

Majestic Angkor Wat Temple and Killing Fields of Cambodia

Tragedy of longneck Karen women living in Northeastern Thailand

Unique piece of mind moments that loneliness and silence turns into a magnificent meditation in lovely Koh Phangan Island and mystical ceremonies in the Island of Gods, Bali


These are just some titles to give an idea about breath-taking manner of journey

Detailed information and impressive comments about all special places from UNESCO World Heritage List of nine countries of Fareast, interesting details about lifestyles, cultures, beliefs, rituals, geographical information and descriptions like a pastoral symphony of national parks, mountains, volcanoes, towns, cities, human stories from the journey and so many details for those who are waiting to be encouraged to be on the road

The guide of this breath-taking long journey is just dreams. Dreams draw the itinerary step by step. Dreams cross the realities, Physical journey combines with spiritual journey, and the mission is being completed. The journey attains its goal

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