Soul Brigade

The Mission of Light
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Guy Dance
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Steve Snow is a working class boy done good, hes amassed great financial and material wealth, from working in the city as a commodity broker. But his obsessive compulsive behaviour, often bereft of morality, has caused his marriage to fail and reduced access to the one thing he truly cares about, his ten year old daughter Stacey. Steves lifestyle and business life are suddenly thrown into turmoil when global greed and corruption brings an unprecedented collapse of the money markets and financial institutions, affecting everyone. On top of that he believes that hes losing the plot when he becomes plagued by strange mental visions. On advice he reluctantly seeks the help of a Reiki practitioner called Michelle Marsh; who gives him some therapy which has amazing results. She then convinces him that its his and his daughters destiny to join forces with her, on a mission, to rid the Earth of negative energy and save the future of mankind. He reluctantly agrees and he, Stacey and Michelle set off for Mexico to begin their holistic work. They soon have to face and overcome incredible perils and evil adversarys, and discover the most amazing things. Mexico is just the beginning of their Global journey, their lives and ours, will never be the same again. This Story is an adventure quest set in todays world, it is written simply, without age barriers and in present tense to make sure that you, the reader, are placed in a front row seat for all the action. Although a work of fiction the story is based on many true and incredible events experienced by my wife, daughter, and I during holistic trips to ancient energy sites around the world. So join them now, its going to be an exciting, fun and exhilarating journey.

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