Soul Brigade 2

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Guy Dance
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This is the second book in the Soul Brigade series, and is the continuing mission, of Michelle, Steve and his daughter Stacey on behalf of The Source. It is a mission, to rid the Earth of negativity, corruption and greed, and to encourage dramatic changes of attitude to benefit all creatures of the Earth. The first part of their mission took them to Mexico, and after a relaxing overnight flight from there they arrive at Ben-Gurion airport Tel Aviv, in Israel, to begin the next phase of their mission. They soon become embroiled in a hotbed of conflicting beliefs and interests, in an area of the planet that has little history of peaceful coexistence. Based in Tel Aviv, where they make surprising new friends, they will venture out to ancient and biblical sites. They will have to push the boundaries of their powers, and themselves, to the absolute limit to continue with their mission to clear away deep-rooted negativity and raise the positive energy of the planet. Their short time in Israel will prove to be, both challenging and enlightening.
After completing their tasks in Israel they will travel to the Nile delta, where they will board a private boat to visit more ancient energy sites. They will discover many surprising things about themselves and struggle to overcome mind boggling mystical ancient energies. They are pursued by, and will have to face and do battle with the ultimate embodiment of evil energy. Their adventure culminates in the most conceptually challenging, incredible, and unexpected finale to their mission for The Source.

Although a work of fiction it is based on many true and astonishing events experienced by my wife, daughter and I during holistic trips to ancient energy sites around the world.

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