Consider the Benefits of Obeying God

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Dr. Edet Esara
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Inability to obey God and respect His arrangements on earth is as a result of ignorance of who God is and the power of His Word. The entrance of the Word of God into our minds would enlighten the ignorant.
This first publication in our series on obeying God focuses on the family, being the nucleus of the society. The clich charity begins at home is truer in the issues of this discourse than anywhere else. A disordered family is like a ship whose captain is without honor. The ripples of this disaster affect the whole community.

Giving the attributes of honor to our parents and elders is commanded. It must be given to our parents or elders as it would be taken in turns as the children of today become the elders of tomorrow. It is not negotiated with conditions attached and God commands it.

In their own interest, elders have the responsibility of forgiving offending young ones unreservedly and should pray for them because of their future. Consider the Benefit of Obeying God 1 explains these scriptural precepts with exquisite examples endued with amazing consistency, simplicity, and clarity.

The first step to prevent or mitigate disordered society is to teach order in the family Gods own way. Honoring parents is honoring the God that commands it.

There are benefits of honoring parents and consequences for refusing to obey this Gods command. This book searches the Scriptures balanced doctrine on this issue and presents it for the benefit of all persons that have the opportunity to read it.

It also provides a teaching base for those who may wish to use it as a teaching tool with our permission. Hence it is beneficial to teachers, hearers of all age groups, and the society at large.

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